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Another Sucker

Posted in Fiction with tags , , , on July 21, 2009 by scarlettbottom

I held the tip of Daddy’s cock in my mouth, running my tongue around the head, pressing gently just below it.

With my eyes closed, I felt Daddy spread my knees open. His hands trailed down the inside of my thighs, to my now dripping pussy. Between the spanking and being allowed to lick Daddy’s “sucker,” I was embarrassingly wet. His fingers traced up one side, over my clit and down the other between the delicious folds. I could barely concentrate on Daddy; he freed my mouth to better hear me whimper. His cock still rested on my lips and I moved my head so that it traced my lips.

I felt a new sensation on my pussy. I was confused for a second, but then I realized, it was my cherry sucker. Daddy rubbed it’s smooth-worn surface over my clit, dipping between the lips, rubbing deeply. I raised my hips involuntarily. “Good girl.” Daddy rubbed the sucker over my lips where his cock had just been. Slick with my juices, I took the sucker into my mouth.

Daddy alternated “suckers,” first the slippery sucker, then Daddy’s cock, until I couldn’t distinguish any difference in flavor. Even my empty mouth tasted like me and Daddy and delicious sweet cherry.

Daddy made me roll over on my belly, holding the sucker just out of reach in front of me, he leaned over me, slowly settling his weight onto my back. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass, juicy from the dripping pussy juices. Forgetting the sucker, I arched my back and shifted my hips to feel his shaft against my asshole, his balls against my very slippery pussy.

He moved my hair off my neck, over to one side, for a better view and directed my attention back to the sucker. I stuck out my tongue and licked the sucker with just the tip. I could feel Daddy watching my intently, and feel his other hand under my belly, reaching lower and lower, finally stroking my clit very gently. My hips jerked. Daddy got up onto his knees, and taking my hips in his hands, pulled me back onto his cock. I moaned, gritted my teeth, exhaled. He began to fuck me deliberately, one hand guiding my hips to his rhythm, the other rubbing the sucker against my clit.

I slept soundly that night. When I woke, Daddy’s face was nestled into my neck, and the sucker was very small, abandoned on the nightstand in a melty pool of sugar and cum.



Posted in Nonfiction with tags , , , on June 28, 2009 by scarlettbottom

I started the day off right today with morning sex. Morning sex has lots going for it, including, but not limited to, the daze that comes with that kind of dopamine early in the day. Lucky for me, today is Sunday, and I have nothing to do. I’m enjoying my quietude.

I wandered home early this afternoon, made breakfast in the nude, and then stepped into a nice cool shower. Showering after sex can be particularly refreshing. I just stood there, enjoying the water, and letting the stickiness covering my thighs first reconstitute (rub fingers between thighs, remember his hands there) and then rinse away. I added soap (a beautiful lubricant) and slipping fingers between outer and inner labia rubbed gently, feeling the swollen tissue.

This morning I slipped my hands between our bodies. Women are at a particular disadvantage when it comes to visual stimulation during sex. To counter that, I occasionally “see” what’s going on with my hands.¬†Gently pinching my clit between two fingers and wrapping a third around the base of his cock inside me, is as close as I can get to actually seeing, without the use of complicated mirror systems. Hands are remarkably sensitive, especially the spaces between fingers. I like erogenous zones that can be stimulated in public: intense hand-holding, toys for the mouth, the back of the neck, the scalp, the inside of the elbow. They’re like inside jokes for lovers.