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“You wanna come over and watch a movie?”
“No? Why not?”
“… Because why?”
“Because I don’t feel like it.” He couldn’t see her but he knew she was pouting. He’d canceled plans for the night before, and she was upset. She wasn’t usually like this. He paused.
“Come over anyways.”
“No, I don’t wanna.” That rebellious little girl voice.
“If you’re not here in half an hour, naked and on your knees in front of my door, you’re going to get the spanking of your life.”

He hung up.

She felt a familiar warmth in her tummy, but she was feeling stubborn. She mentally dug her heels in and smirked at her reflection. She’d been playing with her hair for a while now. She tried on some new lingerie. She doodled a little, laying in bed. She hummed along to her current favorite song, and was inspired to dance wildly around the room. Her phone rang.

“Where are you?”
“At home. Where are you?” She giggled, flirtatiously.
His voice changed tone. “Come here. Now.”
He hung up. Nervously, she put the phone down and changed into his favorite panties, thinking about his authoritative voice. Slipping into a jacket, she locked the door and went out into the street. A few minutes later, she was leaning against his doorframe. She gave two sharp knocks with her knuckles. When he opened the door she was smoking a cigarette.

He glared at her, and taking her roughly by the elbow said, “What did I tell you about those?” He snatched the cigarette out of her hand and threw it into the bathroom sink as he steered her into the apartment. He released her roughly, removing her jacket, and slapped her ass hard enough to send her stumbling into the living room. Finally on her knees where she belonged, he made himself comfortable in a straight-backed chair front of her.

She was visibly nervous. She hadn’t meant to upset him; she didn’t know what she was doing. And now she was in trouble. Big trouble.

He hauled her over his lap, ripped her panties down, and began to spank her. He started lightly, but the slaps began to sting. Only when she started struggling did the force increase. Once she realized that her struggling was making him hit her harder, she stopped and submitted, sagging limply over his lap, only whimpering softly after each stroke.

He gathered her up in his arms. He knew when he’d won and there was no need to go any further. Discipline and respect for authority was one thing, but hurting his baby was another. She closed her eyes and leaned against his chest. One arm wrapped around shoulders, the other hand cupped her burning rear. His cool hand felt nice against her bottom; she began to cry silent tears.

After a few moments, he lifted her into the bed, curling around her. He offered her a finger and she sucked it gently, opening her eyes for his approval. He smiled gently at her; her body relaxed into his.


Acting Out

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I need a spanking.

There was a dry period for maybe six months, before I got to know Styrn well enough to “come out” as submissive (and believe me, it’s not obvious), in which I never got anything even remotely close to a spanking. I admit that I didn’t miss it too much, until Styrn and I played seriously for the first time- then I remembered that I wanted (needed?) that. It’s been a few weeks since my last spanking. I don’t know if I’ve been particularly “good” but I haven’t been punished for anything much.

The last few days I’ve been pretty down and emotional and starting to feel really desperate for some dominance and power play. I might be experiencing some minor sub-drop , which is just a down sort of feeling after a period of stimulation. It applies especially to sexual submissives because of the physical aspect of their duties, but I think everyone gets it, even after hanging out with friends for a long time or being really busy and then suddenly not. Sometimes it can be really intense, but I’ve never experienced that.

I generally try to be well-behaved, but I’ve been pestering Styrn a lot over the last couple of days. I almost never act out with the conscious agenda of getting a punishment, and I’m really not this time, either, but it might be unconscious.

He opens the door. I’m sitting on the floor in the hallway and crawl in, arranging myself over the edge of the bed, ass presented for whatever punishment might be deemed suitable.

I’m late. On purpose. Really late. He texts. I’ve been smoking my way through a pack of cigarettes outside his door for half an hour. He comes to fetch me, angry to be kept waiting for nothing- I don’t even smoke regularly. Bratty and talking back and generally being insulting I am dragged into the apartment and sitting in a straight-backed kitchen chair he delivers a very protracted spanking until I stop struggling and hissing at him.

I think he thinks I talk too much, but I’m nervously babbling now. Finally fed up, he tapes my mouth shut. Then he tapes my hands to the wall about chest level; it’s not very secure, but it makes his intentions clear. Pulling my feet away from the wall, so I’m leaning my weight forward on my hands, bent over at my hips, he pulls my skirt down to my feet and gives me several very hard, rhythmic slaps on the lower curve of my ass. Unable to protest or struggle much, he leaves me bare-assed, stuck in place against the wall.

Asking for it

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When I was a child, my grandfather used to keep a huge jar of maraschino cherries in the refrigerator. If I was good, I could have one. I could also get a gummy bear from the box brought back from Germany that sat way out of my reach on the top of the kitchen cupboard.

I bought my own jar of maraschino cherries when I started buying my own groceries. I ate the whole thing and felt sick and they were nothing like I remembered. It’s better when someone else metes out the rewards.

I’m sitting on the floor in the kitchen. Styrn is making our dinner. Generally, little girls don’t have a choice when it comes to what’s for dinner, and little girls can’t be trusted to use kitchen appliances without help. This is boring and I’m restless, but Styrn is busy and doesn’t want to play.

I amuse myself by playing a game on daddy’s phone, but that’s boring so I take my hair down and braid it in tiny little braids. I’m halfway through the third one…

“Scarlett.” I shift focus from my hair to Styrn. “I told you to sit still.”

“I was sitting still. And being quiet, too.”

“Don’t talk back to me. You’re going to be in time out if your keep this up.”

“I didn’t do anything! Ow!” He hauls me to my feet by my shoulder and marches me over to  the chair in the corner. Pulling me across his lap, he yanks up my dress and down my undies. After administering six very hard slaps, he stands and sit me in the chair, on my bare bottom.

“Stay there until you’ve learned to be better behaved. Dinner will be ready in half an hour, and if you’re not sorry by then, you’ll miss dinner and go to bed with no supper.” Styrn walks away.

I sit in the corner, with a burning bottom, very uncomfortable on the chair, which is heating up fast from my hot skin. Tears form in my eyes. Sniffling, I lean over and put my head on my knees. I didn’t do anything. It’s not fair. Focused on how much my bottom hurts and the injustice of it all, I don’t hear Styrn come back into the room. He squats next to the chair very quietly, and I jump when he puts a hand gently on my head. I turn to look at him, my sore bottom forgotten. He kisses my nose, and carries me to his bed, my arms around his neck. I lay on my tummy and he gently rubs my reddened rear. His cool hands feel good.

“Did you learn your lesson? When I tell you to stay still I mean completely still.”


“Yes, daddy.” A sniffle for good measure.

The timer goes off. “Dinner. C’mon.”

But first a cherry.