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Posted in Nonfiction with tags , , , on July 8, 2009 by scarlettbottom

I like to watch porn. Porn is highly underrated and should be higher quality and more readily available. Women should also be encouraged to watch more porn. Again, the idea that women are not visually stimulated is, frankly, ridiculous.

Sure, there are many things to hate about porn. For example, as much as I enjoy giving oral sex, I can’t stand to watch a porn star give someone head. It looks silly, and there’s far too much spitting. No one does that in real life because it’s not sexy. And I really dislike lesbian porn because it looks too fake. There have been some excellent lesbian sex scenes filmed for full length films (Bound, for instance, mmm), but lesbian porn looks like those girls are getting paid a lot of money. You can’t properly finger a lady with nails that long.

My favorite porn is highly explicit, preferably involving a woman and one or more men. It doesn’t matter much what the actors look like, except that they should all be relatively fit. I came across a lovely video of a couple’s… the only proper thing to say here would be “love making”. It was obviously an amateur movie, homemade, but the girl was cute, they clearly had strong feelings for each other, and they were using one of my favorite positions: doggy style.

But rather than watch movies, I prefer to watch myself and my partner in a mirror. It more about negative space. And watching yourself in a mirror can sort of make it actually less personal. I’m looking at the shape of the space between our bodies, the shape of my breast and belly and hip. This physical sense of space is something you could never get from a movie.