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Posted in Fiction with tags , , , on June 27, 2009 by scarlettbottom

Shibari is sexy. Very sexy.

I’ve seen it a couple times, like a performance, but never had it done to me. I think the biggest obstacle is how long it takes to learn the skills and then how long it takes to actually tie someone up. Regardless, I’m having fantasies.

My fantasy is this: My boyfriend and I are going to have a lesson. A lesson in Shibari, with a guy we met at a party, who happens to be an expert. I of course am not going to learn much, but Styrn is going to learn a lot, about the rope, the knots, and me. Of course I’d have to do the convincing, talking him into it, providing the enthusiasm, setting up the private appointment, but it’s all worth it because now I’m standing naked in front of not just Styrn, but this man who is practically a stranger. An oh-so-experienced stranger. Who is about to tie me up in knots that I would never be able to get out of.

In my fantasy, I stand in a spotlight in a darkened room. There’s some exhibitionism for you. Styrn and our teacher stand behind me, holding my arms together behind my back, slipping lengths of rope around my wrists and elbows. Their concentration is on the rope, the knots. Except that I am getting more and more excited, listening to them talk clinically about the very heavy bondage I am about to be subjected to.

When the rope wraps around my upper arms I jerk involuntarily, and the attention is suddenly transferred to me. To my bare skin. To the flesh bulging slightly between the very tight ropes. To my breath, suddenly very loud in the nearly empty room.

Styrn comes around to look into my face. I can barely focus on him. Taking my chin in his hand, he commands me to stand still, or else we’ll have to go home right away because disobedient girls don’t get treats like rope bondage classes. I can see from his expression that he is turned on because I am. As he walks around me to continue the lesson, he passes one hand over my waist and drops to my pussy. He finds me soaking.