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Posted in Nonfiction with tags , , on August 10, 2009 by scarlettbottom

Sorry about the recent lack of posts. Life has been pretty exciting recently.

Friday night I had a dinner date with B, someone I met earlier in the week. We went to dinner on Friday and he left this morning for work. It was a whirlwind romantic weekend, full of nice dinners, clubbing, lazy mornings, and sex.

D/s is more than just sex. B is chivalrous with a capital C. Manners like that make me feel comfortable and protected. There are rules laid out to follow, with appropriate levels of affection built in. When he offers his arm to me, it’s an implicit imperative that I should accept meekly and follow his lead. If he opens a door, I must walk through.

Recently there have been a lot of blog posts and discussion in the D/s community about what it means to be a Dom. Is it necessary for a Dom to treat his sub like a slave? I say absolutely not. I prefer a feather-light touch outside of the bedroom. A Dom can be courteous to his lady as long as the lady respects his authority. Of course, if the sub is acting up in public she should be severely reprimanded. I think that, in general, punishment can wait until one finds an appropriate playspace. Rudeness is not a punishment, it’s a turn-off.