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Sorry about the recent lack of posts. Life has been pretty exciting recently.

Friday night I had a dinner date with B, someone I met earlier in the week. We went to dinner on Friday and he left this morning for work. It was a whirlwind romantic weekend, full of nice dinners, clubbing, lazy mornings, and sex.

D/s is more than just sex. B is chivalrous with a capital C. Manners like that make me feel comfortable and protected. There are rules laid out to follow, with appropriate levels of affection built in. When he offers his arm to me, it’s an implicit imperative that I should accept meekly and follow his lead. If he opens a door, I must walk through.

Recently there have been a lot of blog posts and discussion in the D/s community about what it means to be a Dom. Is it necessary for a Dom to treat his sub like a slave? I say absolutely not. I prefer a feather-light touch outside of the bedroom. A Dom can be courteous to his lady as long as the lady respects his authority. Of course, if the sub is acting up in public she should be severely reprimanded. I think that, in general, punishment can wait until one finds an appropriate playspace. Rudeness is not a punishment, it’s a turn-off.


Club Slut?

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I had a fantastic time being tied up the other night. I have never had so much fun fully clothed before. I’m hoping to do more of the same and eventually be suspended. It looks like a great time.

I met a lot of friends of my new gentleman escort, flirted with my favorite alpha male (we made a play date for next week, I’m very excited- a public paddling!). It’s flattering to be sought out and solicited. Especially when the solicitation is, “I saw those new photos of you, and now I intend to hurt your delicious bottom, no matter how long I have to wait for it.”

Now that I’m sort of involved in the fetish photography scene, I have some excellent opportunities to be introduced to and play with some well-respected tops of all sorts. This girl could get used to having a weekly public play date. This is very exciting and I am having so much fun.

No pressure

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I had a few firsts the other night. I spent a night tied to a bed, knees tied together with yellow rope (“for my own protection”), wrists tied to the headboard. I slept in rope and restraints for the first time. This was also first real experience with rope (I already knew I loved it, Styrn and I experimented very briefly). I also had my first paddling, albeit very lightly. (Delicious.)

He woke up periodically to check my extremities and see that I was comfortable. That’s consideration. We went through three or four changes of restraint, different ties, different cuffs, different levels of freedom of movement. He also made some discoveries by accident, most notably my love of breath control and my addiction to corseting. The best part of having a new lover is the discoveries you make about each other, usually inadvertently, just running hands over skin and listening to breathing. The confirmation of eye contact.

He tied two ropes around my waist and ribcage (about four wraps each, doubled), which felt divine. I wondered aloud about creating a corset for waist training out of something flexible like rope- the point is the pressure on the ribcage and organs, not the posture. If I had a corset that was comfortable to sit in, I would definitely wear it all the time.

I also loved the blindfold. I don’t normally like to have things on my face, so I struggled with that for a bit, but finally I was able to relax enough to enjoy my other senses being heightened, as well as fall asleep in it.

He’s rough enough with my nipples. It’s not necessarily about the amount of pressure, but how long the sensation goes on. Like a light spanking that goes on and on.

Tomorrow night I’m going to have a few more firsts. I’m going to be tied up by a rigger at a bondage club. I’m excited about it. Because it’s my first time working with this guy, we’re not doing suspension (in the name of safety). Regardless, this should be thrilling. It’s also going to be my first time playing in public, which might be overwhelming. Plus it’s going to be in front of one of the Doms I most admire, so I have to be on my absolute best behavior to make a good impression. No pressure.

Dinner Party

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We’re at a restaurant. Me and my dates. I’m sitting in the middle of a horseshoe shaped booth, two men on either side of me. This is my fourth glass of wine.

The fellow sitting to my right asks me at a whisper if I wouldn’t mind, you know, playing with him a little bit. The tablecloth is long after all, and no one can see. I don’t mind, of course. I’m not very subtle though, and after a few seconds the other guys at the table have caught on. I watch them, grinning, exchanging sly glances across the table. Not only is this a girl who goes out with several men at once, this is a girl who might give a handjob in public. In a well-lit restaurant, no less.

The man to my left: “You’ve dropped your napkin.” Wink.

“Oh, so I have. Thank you.” Glancing around for the waitress, I slide under the table. My, these gentlemen are an excited bunch. Unzipping the pants of the man to my left, I take out his cock and begin stroking it to full hardness with my hand while rubbing his neighbor through his slacks. I can hear their muffled conversation and nervous laughter. I’m smiling as I slide a third cock into my mouth, and wrap my fingers around the fourth.

Oh, here’s the waitress. She wants to know if we want dessert. I tap the thigh of my man who belongs to the cock in my mouth. Yes, I certainly do want dessert. He asks for the menu. Another man passes a menu to me under the table. I read it out of the corner of my eye, running my tongue around the head of another delicious cock. Making my selection, I place the menu in my seat, finger on my choice, the fingers of my other hand on something equally delicious.

Above the table, the tension is building. The men shift uncomfortably in their seats. The waitress returns.

“A cherry clafoutis for the lady.” “Certainly.”

The man I’m currently serving reaches under the table and caresses my breast for a moment, lifting it out of my low cut dress. Another man holds my hand tightly, while I bring him to the edge. This is a calculated enterprise; none of these men will be satisfied until I have had dessert. First things first.

Arranging my hair and my dress, I reappear in my seat, wiping my mouth with my errant napkin. As I reapply my lipstick, my dessert arrives.


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“You wanna come over and watch a movie?”
“No? Why not?”
“… Because why?”
“Because I don’t feel like it.” He couldn’t see her but he knew she was pouting. He’d canceled plans for the night before, and she was upset. She wasn’t usually like this. He paused.
“Come over anyways.”
“No, I don’t wanna.” That rebellious little girl voice.
“If you’re not here in half an hour, naked and on your knees in front of my door, you’re going to get the spanking of your life.”

He hung up.

She felt a familiar warmth in her tummy, but she was feeling stubborn. She mentally dug her heels in and smirked at her reflection. She’d been playing with her hair for a while now. She tried on some new lingerie. She doodled a little, laying in bed. She hummed along to her current favorite song, and was inspired to dance wildly around the room. Her phone rang.

“Where are you?”
“At home. Where are you?” She giggled, flirtatiously.
His voice changed tone. “Come here. Now.”
He hung up. Nervously, she put the phone down and changed into his favorite panties, thinking about his authoritative voice. Slipping into a jacket, she locked the door and went out into the street. A few minutes later, she was leaning against his doorframe. She gave two sharp knocks with her knuckles. When he opened the door she was smoking a cigarette.

He glared at her, and taking her roughly by the elbow said, “What did I tell you about those?” He snatched the cigarette out of her hand and threw it into the bathroom sink as he steered her into the apartment. He released her roughly, removing her jacket, and slapped her ass hard enough to send her stumbling into the living room. Finally on her knees where she belonged, he made himself comfortable in a straight-backed chair front of her.

She was visibly nervous. She hadn’t meant to upset him; she didn’t know what she was doing. And now she was in trouble. Big trouble.

He hauled her over his lap, ripped her panties down, and began to spank her. He started lightly, but the slaps began to sting. Only when she started struggling did the force increase. Once she realized that her struggling was making him hit her harder, she stopped and submitted, sagging limply over his lap, only whimpering softly after each stroke.

He gathered her up in his arms. He knew when he’d won and there was no need to go any further. Discipline and respect for authority was one thing, but hurting his baby was another. She closed her eyes and leaned against his chest. One arm wrapped around shoulders, the other hand cupped her burning rear. His cool hand felt nice against her bottom; she began to cry silent tears.

After a few moments, he lifted her into the bed, curling around her. He offered her a finger and she sucked it gently, opening her eyes for his approval. He smiled gently at her; her body relaxed into his.


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Happy International D/s Day! I hope everyone is making the most of it.


Ropecast: Ava’s advice for how to find a Dom

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This week’s Ropecast (by Graydancer) was about how to find and play with quality Doms. Ava Amnesia was interviewed, because she is a very slutty bottom and has played with a huge number of well-known tops. She’s also a pro sub, which I find pretty fascinating. How does Miss Ava do it?

Well, she had a couple of suggestions. The first is: be friends with lots of Doms. Once you have a large group of dominant friends that you trust, you can ask them for recommendations (and play with them too!). The second is: if you see a Dom that you think you’d like to play with, perhaps someone giving a demonstration, or someone known for some technique in particular, approach them with a question about their skill. This gives you an opening for a conversation, something they *love* to talk about, you’ll learn something, and maybe they’ll demonstrate on you. *wink* The third suggestion is: know what you need from your Dom. She made a list of five things:

1. Confidence
2. Competency
3. Willingness to laugh
4. Willingness to make mistakes
5. Communication

There are, of course, other things that are good to have in a Dom, but these five are the core things- you just can’t play without these five things. Communication and confidence are pretty clear, right? A willingness to laugh and make mistakes are related to confidence. If you mess up in a scene, it’s okay. If you mess up and it shakes your confidence and you insist on ending the scene, that makes it pretty unlikely that your bottom is going to want to play with you again. An interrupted scene is one thing. An aborted scene because of embarrassment is another. Competency is just being sure of what you know. When playing with a sub for the first time, don’t try new stuff on a new sub. Do what you know, what you’re sure of and confident about. Don’t worry so much about impressing your new sub with fancy knots or expensive toys you’ve never used before. Test those things out with subs who know you’re trying new things and who understand and appreciate that you’re learning new skills.