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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on September 6, 2009 by scarlettbottom

A couple days ago I had a demo-sub practice play session with a friend of mine, Luke. He’s a rope top and also a photographer. We’re planning to do a shoot next Sunday, a suspension rope bondage shoot.

I mentioned before that I love marks. I even like them when the person giving them to me is not a lover. I have a little rope burn under my right arm for my horizontal suspension, two beautiful little dotted red lines. It’s like a temporary body mod. They’ll probably have to be edited out of the photos, they’re very distinct.

I also love suspension, especially upside down suspension. Like a lot of bdsm, it’s not sexy so much as fun and exciting. Much of the appeal of bdsm is that it’s comforting in a deeply psychological way. Rope is not comforting so much as good fun.

Luke taught me how to untie myself, as well, even in suspension. It does meant that I have to be very conscious of what he’s doing and pay close attention to the knots and the order he does them in. We may be collaborating in a street festival coming up soon, and so we’re going to practice a few more tie-and-escapes scenes before then, probably.