Acting Out

I need a spanking.

There was a dry period for maybe six months, before I got to know Styrn well enough to “come out” as submissive (and believe me, it’s not obvious), in which I never got anything even remotely close to a spanking. I admit that I didn’t miss it too much, until Styrn and I played seriously for the first time- then I remembered that I wanted (needed?) that. It’s been a few weeks since my last spanking. I don’t know if I’ve been particularly “good” but I haven’t been punished for anything much.

The last few days I’ve been pretty down and emotional and starting to feel really desperate for some dominance and power play. I might be experiencing some minor sub-drop , which is just a down sort of feeling after a period of stimulation. It applies especially to sexual submissives because of the physical aspect of their duties, but I think everyone gets it, even after hanging out with friends for a long time or being really busy and then suddenly not. Sometimes it can be really intense, but I’ve never experienced that.

I generally try to be well-behaved, but I’ve been pestering Styrn a lot over the last couple of days. I almost never act out with the conscious agenda of getting a punishment, and I’m really not this time, either, but it might be unconscious.

He opens the door. I’m sitting on the floor in the hallway and crawl in, arranging myself over the edge of the bed, ass presented for whatever punishment might be deemed suitable.

I’m late. On purpose. Really late. He texts. I’ve been smoking my way through a pack of cigarettes outside his door for half an hour. He comes to fetch me, angry to be kept waiting for nothing- I don’t even smoke regularly. Bratty and talking back and generally being insulting I am dragged into the apartment and sitting in a straight-backed kitchen chair he delivers a very protracted spanking until I stop struggling and hissing at him.

I think he thinks I talk too much, but I’m nervously babbling now. Finally fed up, he tapes my mouth shut. Then he tapes my hands to the wall about chest level; it’s not very secure, but it makes his intentions clear. Pulling my feet away from the wall, so I’m leaning my weight forward on my hands, bent over at my hips, he pulls my skirt down to my feet and gives me several very hard, rhythmic slaps on the lower curve of my ass. Unable to protest or struggle much, he leaves me bare-assed, stuck in place against the wall.


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