I lay in a fetal position on the bed, snuggled into the many pillows and comforters. My lover curls around me, holding my bound hands to my chest. I feel his breath on my neck, interrupted by my collar. Caressing my side, over my ribs, my artificially slim waist, my hips, and under my reddened, sensitive ass. His hands were delightfully cool against my hot skin. The sensations run together as my mind lays in tranquility, utterly relaxed.

My lover begins to squeeze the tender flesh, slipping his hand between my legs, feeling the yielding, slippery warmth growing and spreading outwards. He spreads the sticky damp down over my thighs, over my ass. My slick thighs rub together as I begin to squirm unconsciously. He sits up, revealing my warm skin to the cool air. Still rubbing his left hand over my rear and thighs, his right hand holds me firmly, fingers digging into my waist, although I am not struggling.

“Open your eyes,” he commands me in a quiet voice. I comply and meet his gaze out of the corner of my eye. My lover leans down and kisses my mouth, licking and nibbling my lips, dipping his tongue into my mouth. I automatically close my lips around his tongue. He sighs and moves to kneel at my head. Turning over onto my stomach, leaning on my elbows, head raised, I accept his cock into my mouth and suck languidly for a few minutes. My lover removes his cock, lingering at my lips; I looked up at him with sleepy eyes. He leans over and slaps my ass hard. “Pay attention!” he barks. I immediately snap to attention. He pushes his cock into my mouth and begins to thrust gently into my throat. I groan loudly and gasp when he pulls out. A string of saliva trails from the tip on his cock to my slick bottom lip.


One Response to “Reward”

  1. eanowakattack Says:

    Wow. This is REALLY good. It sort of reminds me of Anaïs Nin.


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