Endangered Species

This last weekend was Pride here, as it was all around the world. I spent a good part of yesterday looking at all of the many many photos of happy couples and angry revolutionaries around the world with tears in my eyes.

I didn’t go to the parade, but I did go to the Dykes on Bikes the day before, all dolled up, looking for a cute butch lesbian. I was heavily disappointed (I knew they were a dying breed). There was one exception.

While walking the route behind the (very sexy) motorcyles, I popped into a liquor store to buy a soda. I opened the glass door of the refrigerator, took what I wanted, and as I was about the close the door, what should I see through it? A perfect vision. Dressed in slacks, a white undershirt, and suspenders, she noticed my surprise and tipped her hat. Then her femme appeared behind her.

All the good ones are taken.


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